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Exclusive Excerpt: E. Catherine Tobler’s Watermark

I don’t normally do promotional posts here, but E. Catherine Tobler is a dear friend and a wonderful writer (also, I do work for Masque Books but I would say those things anyhow!) and she has given me an exclusive excerpt from her new book, Watermark.

If you like what you read here, you can pop over to her placeand in exchange for telling her who your favorite fairy is, you’ll be entered to win a…

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Hey, look at what I got in the mail this weekend! :D

Links are turning in revolution.

Sleepy Hollow is back and with it, Genevieve Valentine’s wonderful recaps! Huzzah! The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed Behind…

Attempting to get back on the Fitbit wagon. Whee.

You gotta break a few eggs to get such awesome links.

Shaun King exposes corruption in St. Louis (with images, tweets) Hands Up / Guns Out: On Being Brown and Alive…

My light up unicorn magnet pin thing! It’s quite…UNCANNY.

Pixel doing her very best rug impersonation.

Cat life. (This would be her highness curled up on me.)

Two years of The Radish! Have some links! Not all of them are depressing!

Quilled Paper Portrait by Yulia Brodskaya

Quilled Paper Portrait by Yulia Brodskaya

Hey! Today’s our birthday! Huzzah!

Radish-y birthday greetings to everyone who has supported or contributed to this site over the last two years particularly those who provide me with excellent links for these weekly posts.

I’d like to also give my unending gratitude and love to the wonderful Fran Wildefor all the support that none of you see but which is…

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Mystery arting!