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Why I love e-books. on Flickr.

This is about 4 months’ accumulation, if I’m remembering correctly. It might be as much as 6 months. These are all books sent to me by publishers that I don’t need/don’t want/am done reading. (I’m a freelance SF/F reviewer for a magazine.)

I have six stuffed-to-overflowing bookcases in my living room—to really have my books the way I want them, I’d need at least two more (I don’t have room for two more).

This is why nearly everything I buy for pleasure reading is electronic. Because I don’t have room for more books. And people who go on endlessly about how they love living in homes stuffed full of books can bite me: I’ve been there and done that and really? It’s a pain in the ass, especially when it comes time to move.